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Exiled United States Map by GarudaTeam
Exiled United States Map
This is a request from the user Iserlohn, known on DeviantArt as FederalRepublic. When the United States was overtaken by a socialist revolution during the Great War, the "White Americans" with the help of the United States Navy fled to the country's old Pacific possessions. After several major losses (Such as the Philippines), the rump-United States gained the British portions of the Line Islands, and divided itself up as various districts, territories, and commonwealths. Now, in the modern era, the United States has turned towards a military dictatorship, and despite being a member of the United Nations and having relations with most countries across the globe, it still faces many troubles in the years to come. 

I originally wanted to use Photoshop for this project, but due to computer problems and issues with the program itself, I had to turn to Inkscape. Regardless, I am satisfied with this project and I feel that it is a very good piece. Comments and criticism are welcome. 

The flag is FederalRepublic's design, and he has granted me permission to use it in this scenario.
Map of Verusa by GarudaTeam
Map of Verusa
This is a map of Verusa, the finalized and modernized version of the previous maps of Noravea. 

It is currently 238 C.E...Over two centuries have passed since the Blue Emperor united the nearly three-dozen warring city states and kingdoms to create this united nation, and it is at the brink of war. When the Emperor died in 27 C.E., he died without issue, and in his will declared that the Empire of Verusa was to be transformed into the Republic of Verusa. His loyal servant Michael Taman became the first Chief of State, serving for six years before relinquishing his power to an elected successor. With over two centuries of this, the Republic has grown larger both physically and in corruption. As Chief of State Braen Acker plans to run for an unprecedented third six-year term in 238 C.E., the nation is in an uproar. With radio and television and airplanes and tanks, the world is a very different place from where the Blue Emperor left it off, and it seems that with the economy in a downturn, corruption overflowing from government institutions, and a more brutal police and military, the country is ripe for a revolution. 

As Verusa faces its internal issues, both neighboring countries fear the results. In 120 C.E., both Valine and Aiona attempted to take advantage of the chaos after a recent assassination of a Verusan Chief of State and invaded the country. Verusa surprisingly defeated both countries in the field of battle and captured two new territories, the Westlands and Brytha. Even a century later, many ethnic Aionans and Valinese live in these areas, and as a revolution stirs in Verusa's streets and fields, both countries eye their former territories greedily. Will they push for stability and hope for a democratic means to end the strife? Or will they embrace their nationalistic urges and take these territories back by force?

And in the circles of young revolutionaries gathering in Verusa's cities, some want to return to Michael Taman and the Blue Emperor's vision of a democracy. Others however want a stronger leadership, some even calling for the return of the Imperial government which for two centuries had been non-existent. The choice is for the people of Verusa and their neighbors to make. Whether or not they choose the status quo and hope for the best, or to rebel to create a more democratic nation. Whether or not they choose war or peace. Or whether or not they choose republic of empire. 


This is from my fictional universe that I have for years been developing. I have a novel planned out centered on this universe called "Dreams of Empire," which directly examines the Republic of Verusa, the fall of Braen Acker and the Republic, and the rise of new governments and wars.


No journal entries yet.


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Next up ladies and gentlemen will be my final Maritime States Map. It will be of the "Loyalist Crisis" in 2093-2095 when the Maritime Civil War breaks out. From 2011-2092, the Supreme Leader ruled the nation, but passed away tragically in the final week of 2092. The crisis is between the "Metropolitans" led by the Supreme Leader's daughter, based around New York City, Boston, and everything in between, while the "Democratic Socialists" take over the rest of the nation. The Peace of Troy is signed in 2098, ending the war and effectively creating a rump Maritime States under Supreme Leader Victoria.
GarudaTeam Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To all of my fans, my next map will be coming out tomorrow or Wednesday. It will be of a Northern Italian dictatorship, either an Italian Social Republic in a World War II ceasefire scenario, or a Communist controlled Northern Italy following World War II.
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